About The 203

Meet Our co-founders.... 

We sell Connecticut-themed merchandise to provide a tangible way for customers to rock their state pride. All of our products celebrate CT & embody the lifestyle of our active & vibrant community. We thrive to make our customers happy by providing them with the highest quality apparel— which are all locally designed, embroidered & printed right here in CT. 
We work to inspire locals & embrace our community. We constantly collaborate with other brands & businesses whose missions align with ours to bring the community together in fun & unique ways.
Our story began about four years ago... 
 As lifelong enthusiasts of ‘The 203’, we found that we were becoming frustrated that despite all of our love for Connecticut, there wasn’t an easy way to express this pride. As a result of this frustration, we decided to launch our small lifestyle brand in the summer of 2014.

Tory was 23 and just returning home from Cape Town, South Africa where she had worked in a creative, event-marketing firm; Roscoe was 18 and just getting ready to leave home for his first year at Syracuse University. We had a vision to create a lifestyle brand that would express our deeply rooted Connecticut pride. 

We both knew that whether we failed or succeeded there would never be a better time to try… and so it began. We created a tee shirt that would give customers a tangible way to show their pride for our Community. One shirt lead to two, and before we knew it we had developed an entire line of ‘203 Gear’. With our gear in hand we drove up and down the CT coast, traveling to different markets and shops in an effort to spread our mission. From there, our brand was born. 

In addition to our products, The Two Oh Three now works to not only express Connecticut pride, but also to better our community while doing it. From sponsored community days at the beach to glove giveaways at our local homeless shelters-- we try and work as a resource for those who want to help us give back.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs we had always dreamed of one day working together on a venture that we both believed in. Creating and developing The Two Oh Three as a brand has become that venture and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. 

We love to travel and explore, see new places and meet new people; but most of all we love our Connecticut lifestyle. Bacon egg and cheeses from our favorite local deli, visiting the vibrant CT farmer’s markets, hiking through our state parks, spending summer days on the Long Island Sound, and apple picking as soon as the leaves start to change — The traditions and culture of this area unite us all and now it’s time to show it.

Today, we are so proud to say that The Two Oh Three has been growing steadily over the past 2 years; We have collaborated with organizations from Yale University to Westport Parks and Recreation and now distribute our products to several Local retailers.

We make our commitment to our customers very seriously and hope that you feel welcome to reach out to us with any comments or suggestions that you might have.


Roscoe and Tory Brown


Want to talk? We do too! 

Email Us - TheTwoOhThree@Gmail.com